About 1to1 Autism Therapy

Why choose 1to1 Autism Therapy for your child’s care?

  1. Team Approach

1to1 Autism Therapy provides access to a team approach including ABA, ESDM, speech-language therapy and occupational therapy. All services can be accessed within 1to1 Autism Therapy in a one stop shop for your child’s therapy needs. Our team members work together in order to best meet your child’s individual goals.

  1. Parents as Partners

1to1 Autism Therapy specializes in the treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our treatment philosophy is a collaborative approach with the inclusion of parents as partners within the assessment and treatment process. Parents can observe and directly participate in assessment and therapy sessions.

  1. Location and Availability

Therapy can be offered in the environment that is best for your child and family. Visit us at our bright and safe autism treatment centre or we can travel to you at your home, daycare or private school. We offer flexible scheduling including after school and weekend options in order to meet your families busy schedule.

  1. Evidence Based Therapies

At 1to1 Autism Therapy, we focus on early intervention and provide evidence based treatment for children under 6 years of age including Early Start Denver Model, Pivotal Response Therapy and ABA. Autism does not end at 6, as a result 1to1 provides Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for older children and adolescents.

  1. Access to Services

1to1 provides autism therapy through the Ontario Autism Program and privately. We will work within your childhood budget in order to provide a therapy plan to address your goals. No matter your budget, we will provide an individualized plan for your child.

  1. Confidence

1to1 Autism Therapy provides skilled speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologists that are regulated health professionals. Board Certified Behaviour Analysts provide direct supervision to the ABA therapy teams. 1to1 is an accredited provider of therapy services for children.

Who are the founders of 1to1 Autism Therapy?

1to1 Autism Therapy was founded by Speech Language Pathologists that are passionate about changing intervention for children with Autism in Ontario.

Our Story

1to1 Autism Therapy is a family business with 20 years’ experience providing therapy services. Founder and Speech-Language Pathologist, Stephanie Hayes, has over 40 years’ experience providing therapy to children with autism. She is a fierce advocate for children with exceptionalities and was a force behind the expansion of the Assistive Devices Program to funding communication devices in the 1980s. She founded 1to1 Communication Therapy in 1999 and has since developed 1to1 Rehab, 1to1 Therapy Services and 1to1 Autism Therapy.

Stephanie’s daughter, Alison Turner, followed in her footsteps as a second generation Speech-Language Pathologist. Alison developed the interdisciplinary services at 1to1 Therapy Services and founded the psychology and behaviour department including Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) services through collaboration with leading Board Certified Behaviour Analysts. Alison has dedicated her career to a team approach to the treatment of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Our Vision

1to1 individualized care

Our Mission

Quality of Life through Quality of Care


Stephanie Hayes

Speech Language Pathologist

Stephanie Hayes is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of 1to1 Rehab, 1to1 Therapy Services. As a director, Stephanie supports the ongoing learning and clinical service of over 200 therapists (speech language pathologists, occupational therapists…

Alison Turner

Chief Clinical Officer & Speech Language Pathologist

Alison has a Master’s of Clinical Science in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Western Ontario and an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Language Science from Brock University.